Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nabooti island walkthrough

here is a walk through for Nabooti island. first you go to the museum and talk to the woman and get the map of Africa. go to the pilot and fly to Blue Nile Falls. jump up and get the blue lily. then go to the boy and help get the stuff across. you take the chicken then the feed then the chicken back then the fox then the chicken. he tells you there's a cave behind a bush. go there and get the red jewel. go to Nabooti and trade the blue lily for the turban. put it on and go to Giza. get the shovel and fly to kaya forests. get the gold and go to Nabooti. trade the gold for a camera and go to safari.go to Zeke and take pictures of a alligator, lion, bird, gazelle, zebra,giraffe and a elephant. then Zeke gives you a hard hat. go to mountains of the moon and get the cactus fig. go up and play mancala with the old man. win and you can go in the cave. get the phone and the purple jewel. go to kaya forests and give cactus fig to the turtle. talk to the ghosts and dig up the ebony elephant. fly to Nabooti and trade the elephant for a fingo. go back to kaya forests and give the ghosts the fingo. they give you the green jewel. put on the hard hat and go to diamond mines. turn off the electricity and run up and go up the rails and dodge mine carts and go down. push the barrel of explosives to the rock and turn on the electricity. do the same thing with the big rocks. go in the shaft and ride the mine cart. jump up and look for the white jewel. find it and then fly to Giza. put on the turban. call Vince with the phone. his number's on the shovel.get the moonstone and put it on the sphinx. memorize the hieroglyphics and do what you need to do. press the buttons in the end in this order:bat, bird, lion , frog. get the blue jewel from the mummy. go to Nabooti museum and put the jewels in this order: orange, yellow, blue, white, red, green, purple. get the medal. congratulations!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


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